Information and Insight

VNAA membership allows you to keep updated on the latest news, activities and policies affecting your business and operations. Members receive:

  • Briefings and alerts on current Van Nuys Airport projects and issues, such as airfield construction, runway and taxiway closures, rental rates and leasing policy, and safety and security initiatives

A Strong Voice

VNAA serves as liaison to key stakeholders, including Los Angeles World Airports management and staff, business and community leaders, public officials and the news media. Members participate in:

  • Briefings with key stakeholders focused on the critical issues affecting both aviation and non-aviation tenants
  • Advocacy efforts on behalf of airport businesses through ongoing communication and visits with top decision-makers

Public and Community Relations

VNAA works to educate the public about Van Nuys Airport’s vital role in the nation’s air transportation system, and many economic and community benefits through:

  • Developing scholarships and educational incentives for local youth
  • Partnering with economic development and aviation industry organizations
  • Conducting media outreach to achieve positive and balanced editorial coverage
  • Creating and distributing informational and educational materials

Return on Investment

As your liaison and voice in the community, VNAA offers members the opportunity to gain value through:

  • Pooling knowledge and resources
  • Supporting local and regional aviation/airport priorities
  • Harnessing collective power and influence


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